Winery & Vineyard — Willamette Valley, Oregon

The Story

As a bi-cultural family, the story of Luis & Janice begins from their separate family heritage and cultural backgrounds. Luis was born and raised in Mexico. He spent his early years helping his father growing vegetables and tending to the family livestock.  At the age of 10 he decided that it was time that he should get a job and contribute to the family. He spent several years working near their family home, by the time he was 14 he ventured further seeking better opportunities and eventually found himself living in Oregon. Janice grew up in northern Idaho and had a normal small town upbringing. In the spring of 1979, while visiting family in Oregon, Janice and Luis met. By 1981 Luis and Janice were married and in December 1982 welcomed their first daughter to the family and their second daughter in 1985.  Life sped by, but Luis still had a need to get back to his roots of farming.

In 1988 they purchased their first piece of property, a small 9 acre parcel which became the family home and later the original site of the family vineyard. From there they grew their business by planting 200 acres of Christmas trees and started a forestry contracting company. Early in 1997, the neighboring property came available, they decided to take the chance and put down more roots into the Southern Willamette Valley.  Early in the winter of 1999 they planted their first Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris vines. Now these many years later the vineyard is a mature 81 acres with 14 acres planted in the spring of 2015.  The entire family is now actively involved in creating a legacy for generations to come and this is joyfully expressed in each cluster of grapes and every bottle of wine.


The Vines

The vineyards of Coria Estates have an interesting history, just like the owners.  The vineyard consists of roughly 94 acres, all of which were planted in various years.  The oldest part of the vineyard is also the largest, which consists of about 55 acres and was planted in the spring of 1999.  This planting was all done by hand and put in by Coria’s very own family and crew.  It is roughly 50% Pinot noir and 50% Pinot Gris.   There are three different clones of Pinot noir in the vineyard, which are Pommard, 777 and 115  Dijon Clones.  

The second planting filled up about 25 acres and consisted primarily of 115 clone of Pinot noir, this was planted in 2008.  The third planting went in during the spring of 2015 and is about 14 acres, including a bit more Pinot Gris and a section of Chardonnay.

An interesting characteristic about the vineyard is that it is planted on silty clay loam soil, most of which is Nekia clay, and small lots presenting Jory, McAlpine and Abiqua silty clay loam.  Many of the surrounding soils consist of Jory, which having much of our vines growing in Nekia soil, presents a unique characteristic of our vineyard.  The elevation also varies, the lowest ground sitting around 300 feet, and the highest peak at 850.  

Additionally, our vineyard consists of about 17 blocks, all of which are unique unto themselves, contributing different flavors and aromas that are decipherable between the various blocks.


The Tasting Room

The tasting room at Coria Estates is a lovely place to enjoy and taste our wines, and spend the day among the vines. Our patio is nestled up next to the vineyard where you can relish in the beautiful view of our estates. We are happy to chat with you about what we do, or help you learn more about Oregon's history of producing some of the world's finest wines. You will most likely be greeted by our vineyard mascot, as she is the happiest chocolate lab you'll find around! We like to have fun with our wine out here at Coria Estates and hope you will too when visiting!


The Wine

We aspire to make great wines to be enjoyed with great food around the table. In our family, wine is a symbol of unity, love and hard work. These three elements are threaded throughout the growing of our grapes and into the care of our winemaking. 

—From our family to yours, Disfruta!